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We bear responsibility. The well-being of an animal always correlates with its species-appropriate husbandry. The respectful treatment is later revealed in the quality of the meat. In order to be able to offer first-class beef, knowledge of the origin of the animals and constant communication with the farmers are of the highest priority for us.

Each cut is selected for its particular characteristics, flavor profile and eating quality. We prepare the meat for you on the lava grill with love and dedication.


The traditional 'Black Holstein' cattle breed has been native to Pomerania since the 16th century. The geographical location, the tranquility and the special climate in the region are responsible for the high quality of the heather meat. The meat is characterized by its natural and unique taste, but is particularly impressive because of its extra fine marbling. It is considered a quality feature for species-appropriate husbandry in breeding, because this is the only way to optimally store fat in the muscle meat.

Well-marbled meat is always more tender and juicy than lean meat. The finer the structure of the meat is marbled, the more excellent and intense its taste. Only the best and noblest animals are selected for Pomeranian beef. The subsequent processing method is complex and requires both craftsmanship and experience. In so-called dry aging, the meat is aged on the bone for four weeks.


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